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Mar 25, 2019   ―   
Marcus J Ranum: « I’m not a big fan of humans »

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“There is no software to solve social problems”. Marcus J. Ranum takes a critical look at how we approach cybersecurity. We met him at GovSatCom 2019 in Luxembourg. Read More ›

Mar 22, 2019   ―   TECHNOLOGY
Guidelines to setting up an information sharing community such as an ISAC or ISAO

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The objective of this guideline (this document) is to describe the practical aspects of setting up a new information sharing community, such as an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) or an Information Sharing and Analysis Organisation (ISAO). Read More ›

Mar 14, 2019   ―   TECHNOLOGY
30 years World Wide Web, what's next?

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On the World Wide Web’s 30th birthday, the founder of the Web Foundation and web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee is calling on the global web community to step up an fight for the web’s future, a better future. A new contract for the Web is under construction. SECURITYMADEIN.LU was one of the first signatories. Read More ›