Streff Data Protection services

5, rue Pierre Flammang
Ecoparc Windhof
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Stefan Chorus


Based on the current legislation concerning the financial sector and the export regulations of CSSF, Circulaire 05/178, valid as of 1 April 2004, all companies belonging to the financial sector such as banks and financial institutions can only use the service of those providers who have been approved for the financial sector.

In accordance with the export conditions of the CSSF, “no confidential information may be passed on to third parties unless they have PSF status”, and “confidential details may only be stored with companies who are PSF-accredited”.

Since Streff is a company dedicated to and specialised in archiving, document scanning and the destruction of all kinds of data carriers for all sorts of businesses including those from the financial sector, we have obtained the required authorisation of an “agent de communication à la clientèle” from the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance for all our business activities.

All Streff employees are bound by the special safety requirements and conditions laid down by the CSSF to ensure that you receive the highest possible standard of service and safety.